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Alright, now that we have the snazzy little title out of the way, lets move on to the wavs. There are, of course, a few important things you need to know.

  1. All wavs downloaded must be put into your mIRC/sounds directory in order to use and/or hear them in IRC.

  2. To save a wav with Internet Explorer, right click the link and select Save Target As... To save a wav with Netscape, hold down shift and click the link.

  3. DO NOT RENAME THESE FILES. No matter how much you want to. No matter how much that name just does not make sense. Remember, everyone that uses these wavs must have their files named the same in order to play them and have them heard by everyone in channel (who also has a copy of the wavs).

  4. No wav abuse. Yes, we now have a fun little toy for #Sanguinarius. Yes it is fun to play them and have everyone laugh. No, it is not in any way funny to play several wavs in a row or play the same wav over or over. The first time you do this, you will get a warning. If the behavior continues, you shall be kick-banned for 10 minutes. When you come back, if you are stupid enough to continue with the wav abuse, you will get a 24 hour kick-ban. And guess what, when that time is up, you come back on probation. If you still wish to continue with the wav abuse, you will be given a lovely parting gift of a #Sanguinarius permanent ban. Consider this your warning.

Okay, now that the nasty part of the page is out of the way, we shall move on to the actual wavs.


MP3 SOUND FILES (Warning: May not work with mIRC, but fun to listen to anyway)

Sangi's Crazy Laugh (MP3)

Sangi's Get Off My Keyboard (MP3)


ZIP FILE OF ALL THE .WAVS - Download the whole package here so you do not need to download each of the sounds individually. Unzip them to your mIRC sounds directory. - And for even more fun sounds, download JustReality's sound pack, too! Unzip them, same place as above.


Any new additions to the WAV Page will get included here for a while until they are not considered "new" anymore and get moved down to "Other WAVs".

...Stay tuned...more to come...


These are the original wavs from Sanguinarius' computer, the buggers that started it all.

bite_you.wav - Well, duh!

boing.wav - Looney!

bratty.wav - The answer is No. The wav is the question. See, now you can't not download this.

chefbork.wav - This is a required wav.

complicate.wav - WHY? WHY?

cropmoan.wav - Just what it says.

Flattery.wav - will get you nowhere!

HEHEHEHE.WAV - There are four HE's in that. I know because I had to type them.

kitten-1.wav - Play this to have everybody's cats swarm the computer.

mad-cow.wav - This one's a laugh, a real moo-ha-ha.

narf.wav - It's Pinky, it's Pinky and the -- No, that's not how this wav goes.

pissedoff.wav - While not specifically for op's use....

quack.wav - A duck quacking.

Sangi-duck.wav - Sangi imitating said duck.

spankme.wav - An everyday occurrence in #Sanguinarius.

this_crap.wav - Oh, the inhumanity!

vampire-god.wav - From the movie Blade. Deacon's right hand, errr, hand-less man gloating.

vprice.wav - The classic diabolical vampire laugh.

wolf_serenade.wav - The most amazing sound in the world.

woohoo.wav - The most memorable woohoo ever.


These are other wavs that have been found, most of them during a hunt that lasted till 3:00 am. Also, wavs submitted from regulars in the channel. Remember wav submissions are always welcome.

7days.wav - From the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just Guess what it is. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

aauhh.wav - What the heck? (Submitted by Sangi)

area51.wav - Welcome to Area 51. (Submitted by Sangi)

asswag.wav - Asswaggers, Unite! (Submitted by Sangi)

bitch-ass.wav - Mmmmm, pie. (Submitted by Sangi)

bleedonme.wav - Suuuure! *grin* (Submitted by Sangi)

blfood.wav - Another one from Blade. Deacon whining about humans. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

bugme.wav - "Cyclops Lady is really starting to bug me." (Submitted by Sangi)

cheesypoofs.wav - Cartman wants a snack

darksex.wav - Something special. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

depth.wav - Daria with one of those insults you need when you can't think of anything else. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

deranged.wav - Are you totally deranged? John Cleese. (Submitted by Sangi)

devilstraps.wav - I can see one of us saying this. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

dskdwn.wav - From the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn." One of my favorite lines. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

duh.wav - Does the word "duh" mean anything to you? (Submitted by Sangi)

fancypants.wav - "Well, hellooo, Mr. Fancy Pants."

figment.wav - I was never here, and you never saw anything... (Submitted by Sangi)

forever.wav - Errr, creepy? (Submitted by SevenCrows)

gbustrslime.wav - He slimed me. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

goahead.wav - This wav will make your millenium. From Beetlejuice. (Submitted by Sangi)

halsorrydave.wav - It's HAL-9000, the evil computer from 2001 (Submitted by Sangi)

huntinwabbits.wav - Be vewwy vewwy quiet...

ifulove.wav - A dark twist on the "If you love someone..." phrase. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

killedkenny.mp3 - Classic quote from South Park. (Submitted by Sangi)

kissmehard.wav - To create sexual tension, just add water! (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

knitsweater.wav - Cartman at his best (worst?). (Submitted by Ristandi)

LEP2.wav - Kiss me, I'm Irish! From Leprechaun 2. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

lickmyboots.wav - This almost sounds like a band I know. (Submitted by Sangi)

listensm.wav - Listen. Do you smell something? (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

lstboy.wav - One thing I always hated about San Guinarius. All the damned vampires. (Ok, I may have taken a little creative license...) (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

loveangr.wav - It's from a famous cartoon... (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

makebabies.wav - Be a man, Stan.... (Submitted by Ristandi)

mp-fart.wav - Classic Monty Python. (Submitted by Sangi)

need.wav - Fun and true! (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

neverwine.wav - I never (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

noshit.wav - For things that are painfully obvious (Submitted by Sangi)

notalk.wav - Dogbert with some good advice....or a command, who cares. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

physics.wav - Common sense sarcasm from Dilbert. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

realasitgets - Does it get any more real than this?

retarded.wav - Taking it to a whole, new art form. (Submitted by Sangi)

rofl.wav - Rollicking laughter. (Submitted by Sangi)

rofl2.wav - Insane, uncontrolled laughter. (Submitted by Sangi)

satanhuge.wav - Dude, Satan is huge. (Submitted by Ristandi)

screwyouguys.wav - I would like to just remind everyone that we are not devoted to South Park.... (Submitted by Sangi)

showtime.wav - The famous quote from Beetlejuice (Submitted by Sangi)

sickmonkey.wav - Why you sick little monkey! (Submitted by Sangi)

speakonly.wav - (Submitted by Ristandi)

splat.wav - Ummm, splat! (Submitted by Sangi)

stillhungry.wav - Just weird. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

strange.wav - Strange and unusual wav from Beetlejuice. (Submitted by Sangi)

succotash.wav - Thufferin' Thuccotash! It's Thylvesther! (Submitted by Sangi)

sweetTV.wav - Sweet Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

term1_01.wav - Ah'll be Back. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

thetruth.wav - You want this wav? You can't handle this wav! One of a few good quotes from Jack Nicholson

urfucked.wav - From Braveheart. (Submitted by Ristandi)

velcome.wav - Dracula welcomes you. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

village.wav - I have this T-Shirt. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

violent.wav - Just a little disclaimer. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

visitor.wav - Yet another from Rocky Horror. (Submitted by dark_r0nin)

wakeup.wav - For when nobody is talking. (Submitted by Sangi)

whatsupdoc.wav - Bugs Bunny (Submitted by Sangi)

wildthing.wav - Sweet talk from a truck driver...

wtf.wav - For when you have no-o-o idea. (Submitted by Sangi)

zap-you.wav - Space Ghost will zap you good! (Submitted by Sangi)


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