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This is the archive of the original #Sanguinarius Channel Quotes Page from vampb0t, the first #Sanguinarius channel bot, operated by g0th. Here you get to see early silliness at it's best. :)

1. Narradas cries out: "I am sick of all the roleplayers and sex freaks in here!" Shouting in fury, he runs around the room naked except for his Helm of Sarcasm +3, his Longsword of Sexual Disfunction -2 and his belt of something or other.

2. <_Joshua_> Merideath:  Hugging towards a better future... <_Joshua_> paid for by the vamps for merideath foundation

3. <Sanguinarius_semi-AFK> Non-violent people are the best ones to beat up!

4. <Antius> "I drank WHAT?!?!?" -- Socrates

5. <skadi> hey, does anybody have a store near them that sells Dove's Blood ink? | <LifFosimilis> skadi - No.. but we have a lot of pigeons around here.. is that close enough? | <skadi> no | <LifFosimilis> I wouldn't mind killing a couple of pigeons | <LifFosimilis> Especially for a charitable cause

6. <Sangpoursang> i am compelled to share with you all here.... | <Sangpoursang> i have the most beautiful bundle in pink, laying right here at my feet........... | <Sangpoursang> making little baby sounds......... | <vampb0t`> kick it! kick it!!!

7. * LastLocust wouldn't know i am not a man...

8. *** iCEhOT has joined #Sanguinarius <Panther}> lol, WB buttboy :P

9. <gzeroth> i.... am.... not... a..... female!!!!

10. <Isthme> Eating anything that is contaminated is bad for you, whether it is your mother's brains or strawberry yogurt.

11. <Vanne> sex in german is sex | <Vanne> but sechs is six | <Arknight> the Number of the Beast is an orgy, then? | <Vanne> sechs seks sex

12. <g0th> i am god... now you two humans stop your squabbling before i devolve you

13. <LastLocust> Ok... you've given me my project for the week: to come up with a new cool weird wedding ceremony <Sukmet> how about.. cutting your hands and tying them together, saying bizzare words in Enochian, then going and drinking champagne, and having sex during, " Who Killed Virginia Wolfe?"

14. <Isthme> I decline to reply on the grounds that it may prove incriminating.

15. <Pijavica> change is good regardless of whether positive or negative   ppl learn from change and get complacent with stagnation <Isthme> THAT is the cutest little hollow assumption/placation I have ever heard repetitively over the last 20 years.

16. <LastLocust> Maybe love and hate are like softening and sharpening a picture... they don't totally cancel each other

17. Corvus of the vampires list: "You cease to mourn the morning when you celebrate the night"

18. <[awayish]Narradas> crap phone again | <Garrison> He's got to answer a crap phone. | * Garrison imagines the mess.

19. <VKlaatu> I dont mind the guy next me having a wank as long as he doesnt spray it every damn place and make a mess

20. <VKlaatu> "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" - Freud <Antius> Cigars taste like crap- Antius

21. <Arknight> Lacking the wit to come up with a proper comeback to my statement of the obvious, the Angel remains silent and hopes we believe he went AFK... point, game, and set go to me :P -- It's good to be back!

22. <Ioshua> Bacon. | <fallen`star2> bacon? | <Ioshua> It's BACON!!! | <Arknight> b,b,b,BACON | <Ioshua> What's in the bag? | <Ioshua> I CAN'T READ!!! | <Arknight> POT! | <Arknight> IT'S CANNABIS!

23. <Angel_of_Inferno> Damn, sometimes I even make myself laugh. <skadi> Angel_of_Inferno - you should be able to laugh at yourself; after all, the REST of us are laughing at you.

24. <g0th> dont listen to anyone, do it the easy way. assume all are roleplayers, then assume the outspoken ones are roleplayers with their heads up their asses

25. <Pijavica> narradas is that an op symbol or do you wear your scrotum on the side of your nick?

26. * skadi beats Sukmet about the head and shoulders with a large Unix manual | <Sukmet> Your antagonism shows your sexual attraction.

27. <manes> damn you g0th. may your efficient scripting tactics land you in hell.

28. <g0th> you! you been here 3 hour! you fuq off die....

29. <Sukmet> Shrug off the channel. It's like voodoo; will only harm you if you believe in it.

30. <Bloodspice> I am a Satanic Vampire, can I still lay an angel??? | ::Sanguinarius:: No...but you can lay an egg!

31. <samael`deadsoul> my psychologist is a psi and doesn't even know it | * VKlaatu pictures a shrink talking to a young man in black "you vant to BE a character or do you vant to HAVE character?"

32. <VKlaatu> alienation sux

33. <Logant> hehehe, sleep is for the week; I'm so glad I don't have to do that anymore!

34. <Morbidgirl> i can't stand nyquil, and it doesn't make you see purple glitter and bats

35. <Madlink316> use an ice cube to get it hard, then break it off. [Talking about removing wax from the computer monitor. -- What did YOU think?  :P lol]

36. <Merideath> they're beating people at the democratic convention | <g0th> and that is why democracy works | <dark_r0nin> Alright, it's about time they took a belt to those politicians

37. <VKlaatu> this has been a public service announcement by someone who actually gives a fuck about honesty

38. <dark_r0nin> Surgeon General's Warning: Quitting blooddrinking now greatly increases your risk of insanity.

39. <skadi> BLOOD: A lowfat, low sodium beverage. Contains no artificial colors or flavors. No preservatives. Excellent source of protein. Not a significant source of fiber. Contains: Blood. % Daily Value (%DV) for this product has not been established by the FDA.

40. <VKlaatu> a smart ass I can deal with, a dumb ass I will not abide

41. <dark_r0nin> You know you've spent too much time in the channel when "goth" looks wrong if it isn't spelled with a zero

42. <skadi> heaving bosoms are kinda cool. <Caelix> skadi, where are you heaving those bosoms? <VKlaatu> here here <dark_r0nin> my my, that is a new image for "heaving bosoms"; it's now an olympic event!

43. <LastLocust> Vagabond is such an out word <Morella`> No, it's timeless i tell you! <dark_r0nin> I agree, vagabond will never be an "out" word <VKlaatu> From Byron to RuPaul in 3 easy steps - the Romantic's glove box kit - don't leave home without it!

44. <VKlaatu> I was in a shop earlier tonight and some idiots were oggling a really annoying Britney Spears poster - well they could see my disgust and I could see that they noticed, so I told then I found Miss Spears boring, saying "I prefer my women so spooky they shit bats"

45. <Bloodspice> I look at humanity from a very inhuman light.

46. <VKlaatu> Pij, you just stole *MY* line, my lawyer will be in touch, LOL <Pijavica> sorry vk, you must be rubbing

47. <VKlaatu> bloody squares, READ SOME DAMN Burroughs! <Pijavica> as in edgar rice? <VKlaatu> as in William S!

48. <Oublie> tickling is bad.... | <Visigoth> so is sex. | <Sanguinarius> only if you do it

49. <AutumnMoon> I wonder where all the brains are if ppl aren't getting them anymore | <Sangi-roll`n-a-ciggie> in cats

50. <LastLocust> "Never underestimate the abilities of the mentally ill."

51. <Pijavica> we've even seen **shudder** some of us nude <Arknight> Pij, you know you liked seeing Skadi in the raw :P <Pijavica> its actually cool cassie  its like a giant dysfunctional family <cassandravamp> like, with all the bros and cousins you wanna kill? <Pijavica> skadi bet me.......  i dont have this nervous twitch for nothing

52. <skadifridr> Pijavica - 'getting screwed by want him... with rabid hyenas...

53. <Angel_of_Inferno> sorry some moron was asking me earlier if I was REALLY an angel and if I knew God | <Angel_of_Inferno> I told him yes | <Angel_of_Inferno> and that God told him to lick his forehead

54. <Sanguinarius> hey, when a feminist laughs, does she go "she-she-she"?

55. <^BabyDo||> strange is what makes the world spin and the heart beat and the sky fall

56. <TKarrde> I pooped in to say heyas... | <Arky_AFK_ff1> Dalnet sh*tted you into our room *snicker* | <TKarrde> you guys can say later: " Yeah, TK was here... he came in and took a Sh*t and left | <TKarrde> see, DALnet makes you shitty

57. <Sangi-hard-at-work-on-sumthin> Pretzel Soup = 1 package Cream of Tomato Soup, 4 baked, salted pretzels, 1 package of tiny crispy pretzels, 1/2 bottle worcestershire sauce, 1/2 box of cheerrios and a sprig of parsley, with a chicken bone thrown in for flavoring if desired

58. <LastLocust> Captain Kirk is my TV hero | <Pijavica> i thought pee wee herman was | <LastLocust> close

59. <Id-bloodb0t> You might be a Vampire if you are immediately recognized when you sign into Sangi's chan.

60. <Bloodletting> Perverts are people too goddamnit!

61. * AutumnMoon has sworn off sex - she's dating her handheld showerhead now and is having a very intense and loving relationship finally heh

62. * skadi hops back into the bed and sits on Narradas again <skadi> so...where were we? <Narradas> wrong channel lol <skadi> oh. shit. <skadi> nobody saw that.

63. <D|SPLACER> ow me arse

64. * skadi grabs some handcuffs and whips and offers to test Narradas' limits | <Narradas> I'm not a sub | <skadi> all the more fun for me

65. <skadi> you gonna go listen to my talk in HON? | <Narradas> hon? oh baby | * Narradas blushes | <Narradas> oh in hon | * Narradas blushes even more

66. <Narradas> Diablos: no masturbating in channel | <Diablos> dammit

67. * Narradas directs diablos to a hole in the corner of the channel | * Diablos hangs out his d*ck and pisses in the hole.....AHHHHHHHH. | <Narradas> it's raining in #vampirismchat

68. * cene is lost:( <dark_r0nin> Found: One Cene. Short and Cute. Call 1-800-VAM-PIRE to pick her up. <Bateau> everyone leave cene alone, she's mine <dark_r0nin> * dark_r0nin latches on to cenes leg <dark_r0nin> I won't give her up, i've grown too attatched!

69. * VKlaatu tries to do a Vulvan mind meld with his Minolta X-7A <VKlaatu> oops! <VKlaatu> *blush* <VKlaatu> thats VULCAN <VKlaatu> gadzooks, now THAT was a Freudian slip! <cene> way to go with the freudian slips vk:)

70. <[awayish]Narradas> be one with the snail ChaosMage ;) | <VKlaatu> sometimes you get the snail, sometimes the snail gets you

71. * Narradas is just a poor celibate mundane researcher :: <skadi> Narradas - we ALL know you're a loaded kinky-as-hell were-slut

72. <Darkness_Rising> oh no! not the chickens again! <Panther\}> chickens?! *Etchi-Meow laughs at demonic chickens <Generic_Sangi> I have a demonic chicken in me <Panther\}> yes, Sangi has demonic chickens! lol *Generic_Sangi 's face contorts and she bellows out a demonic sounding *CLUCK!*

73. <nosferatu_> err, what is this..a rooster farm? <Narradas> if this is a rooster farm, who's the chief cock?

74. <GhostChild> Just cause i am psi doesn't mean i don't crave a steak once in a while

75. <deadkid> Vampire Advice Tip #109: We all know about stakes, crosses, garlic and running water, but most people forget the power that a good .45 calibre pistol has over a vampire. It seems that they're particularily sensitive to having their brains blown out. What strange, mystical creatures they are!

76. <TurkeySteak> lastspoke TurkeySteak <TurkeySteak> AHH!! YOU DONT KNOW!! <TurkeySteak> seen turkeysteak <TurkeySteak> have i killed it <EnerujiDeragon> i belive so <dark_r0nin> you guys overloaded it, and it's having some quiet time to itself *** bloodb0t ( Quit (Ping timeout) <EnerujiDeragon> woah. thats quiet time!

77. <skadi> Narr's a were-slut | <Arknight> Maybe he's not a were slut | <Arknight> maybe you've gotta pay him | <Arknight> he's a were-man-whore :P

78. <TurkeySteak> Oh dear. 3 way squirrel sex :P

79. <D`s_Advocate> well since I'm drunk I'm off to feel sorry for myself and jerk off in the bathroom :P

80. <Wolf_Kin> How big is the Black Goliath Lif? <LifFosimilis> They can get up to 8 inches <LifFosimilis> But that's kinda rare.. <LifFosimilis> 6 inches is the average

81. <LifFosimilis> If God existed, I'd find a way to fool Him

82. <Singing_Itchy-Fruit> Ya can't fool God, though *Sangi sez ominously* | <LifFosimilis> If God existed, I'd find a way to fool Him

83. *Darkness_Rising thinks that the chicken spasm has subsided.... :: <dark_r0nin> forget the typo bug, we've got a friggin typo chicken here

84. <dark_r0nin> forget the typo bug, we've got a friggin typo chicken here :: <Darkness_Rising> cluck cluck :: * dark_r0nin spreads chicken feed on the ground :: <cene> I used to breed chickens and geese ..I am not afraid:) ::<Darkness_Rising> Ahhh....but were your chickens demonic? :: * Wolf_Kin thinks with all this stuff about chickens mabe we should call Col. Sanders :) :: <cene> mmmm KFC:) <Darkness_Rising> Mmmmm chicken

85. <Gwynvyd> support colds! its the only culture some folks have!

86. <Emperor_Arky> but Ice has the self control that he DIDN'T attack someone. If he HAD attacked someone, his chances of getting a donor and getting blood drop to zilch, because you don't find donor's in jail. You might find Bubba, but he's more interested in your ass than in giving you blood.

87. <VKlaatu> death is an old friend of mine - she has a cold nose and wears pumps

88. * VKlaatu passes out razor blades <VKlaatu> just cut and shut up!

89. <VKlaatu> television - rich assholes of all colours trying to sell us shit we dont need, blah

90. *** Panther\} has quit IRC (Quit: I want to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather, not screaming, terrified, like his passengers.)

91. <Madie> Vlad: You two have some fun for me tonight :) The last time I went out and had fun...hmmm..I can't remember :) <Bloodspice> The closest thing I get to do is get chased by cops in the cemetery

92. <Visceroth> Can somebody wipe my bottom pleeeeeeeeez? <Dennis21> no toilet paper <Wolf_Kin> Don;t you hate that Visceroth ? <Visceroth> indeed

93. * Gwynvyd throws a Kilgon dildo at skadi * Visceroth eats it * Visceroth grins mmmm,....ribbed <bloody-kisses> Oh my what on earth did I walk in on!

94. <Gwynvyd> what the hell was the topic? necrophilia? <RoseKitten> maybee when my porn site goes up

95. <skadi> i listen to marilyn manson and i cut myself with razor blades and drink the blood and i killed my cat to drink its blood! i'm a TEENAGE GOTHIC VAMPIRE!!!

96. <skadi> damn you to the deepest dankest pit of all the nine hells, Narradas

97. <Visceroth> Everyone knows at least *one* gay dog

98. <Visceroth> RoseK> You think our Anthem should be changed to Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! ? | <Arknight> Visc: Given the vocabulary of the average austrailian, that might be a bit too complex. A series of grunts might work better

99. <Gwynvyd> well I'm off like a cheap prom dress!

100. <Gwynvyd> ok.. put the crack pipe down and step away from your computer!!

101. * Narradas decides on a cold shower <skadi> Narradas - forget to pay the bill again? <mereheart> maybe he or she wants nipples hard

102. *** Quits: Narradas (Quit: ) <Ligeia`> oh i feel so sorry for that lil boi <skadi> don't feel sorry for narradas, just tease the daylights outta him. it's more fun. ;)

103. <Visceroth> Nothing is True. Truth is Illusion. If Life is Truth then Life is Illusion= Let's all get drunk and steal roadcones

104. <ChaosMage> I'm tired of hearing the same shit from different bulls

105. <ChaosMage> My imagination is better than real girls <Visceroth> Another valentines day card to your right hand? <ChaosMage> Right hand loves me if I remember valentines day or not *vampyrebunny prefers 2 handed,lol

106. <TurkeySteak> just dont get started on those STUPID apocalyptic vampire religeons that Mariguano got his ideas from <Morella> what apocalyptic vamp religions are those? <TurkeySteak> the ones where the humans always end up dead

107. <Morella> If your Lord is a shepherd.. doesn't that make you a sheep?

108. Tathaenhi--And we all know what happens to sheep.. pass the mint jelly?

109. <Sukmet> You're a Bad Person. Jesus doesn't Love you.

110. <AntonDeFreak> Im talking about my assignment damn you Narradas- Twister of Words

111. * Narradas wonders if he can get a waterproof wireless keyboard..... * AntonDeFreak wonders why Narrs keyboard would get wet...or sticky...wait..he's celibate...self explanatory really

112. * Ligeia` presses up to her man and gives him a soft, gentle ans loving kiiiiiiiiss <AntonDeFreak> anus loving? <iCEhOT> all this sex talk is making me hard

113. <Ven_uk> we don't have cheerleaders here...well not until they make a cheerleading song that goes 'Why the F*** are we out here in this godawful weather?'

114. * skadi curls up on narr's lap * Ligeia` starts to hyperventilate <Ligeia`> VEN!! SHIT! * Visceroth loves sexual politics

115. <Narradas> just wait till you see me'll so regret your teasing! <skadi> Narradas - oh? and why is that, my dear? <Narradas> 'cause I\"m not <skadi> cuzyer not what? <Narradas> hot damnit hot LOL

116. <skadi> you love me :) <Narradas> lol no you love me <skadi> like a funny drooling mentally-retarded cousin? of course i love you like that, Narradas :)

117. * Visceroth spanks skadi with a ...a....erm...with Narradas! <Visceroth> heh. there is no witty repost to that <skadi> i didn't know you swung that way, Narradas! <skadi> see? i can make a witty response to *anything*

118. <Ven_uk> ah, a little pain never hurt, wait a minute..

119. <UPanther\}> i'm not getting any | <Ven_uk> don't worry hon, only a few more months to wait :) | * Ven_uk grins cheekily

120. <Morella> well. i guess blood boogers is a much more important topic than possible Dark Forces lurking in irc channels

121. * LifFosimilis knows Jujitsu, Tae Kwan Do, Ninjitsu, and about 15 other Japanese words... :P

122. <Ven_uk> R0nin: set a permident | <`Id> what does permident do? | <LastLocust> seals dentures ?

123. <dark_r0nin> Who wants to kill my siblings <dark_r0nin> I won't pay you for it, but you'll make me a much better person

124. Immortal Vampires....i just find the whole idea so difficult to buy into. Now, if it was immortal amazon beauties that went through the centuries kicking ass, then

it would be perfect. -dark_r0nin on Vampire: the Masquerade : Redemption

125. <Arknight> Skadi, have I ever told you you're my hero when it comes to lampooning Narradas?

126. <Jon_Hastings> Bullfight: 1 little man against a 1/2 ton of pissed-off pot roast.

127. <Wolfy^> Fine REvel in your abhorition of the english language and slaughter it with alll you can muster but remember this mister, it'll come back and bite you in the ass someday!

128. * Arknight isn't big on drugs. Except alchohol. And I try to avoid that now too. | <Wolfy^> cause you puked all over my house | <Wolfy^> you bastard

129. <rosekitten> id give u my chans list (LOL) BUT theres a few chans that are kinda private :-p | <Wolfy^> Not your sex channels | <Visceroth> #furniture_porn (watch that hot chair on chair action!!)

130. <Arknight> Why is it that dreams always end right when you're about to get laid?

131. On cybersex: <iCEhOT> i dunno it's great to start with, then it's just fun, then it's just boring | <Belindal> kinda like real sex

132. * skadi sings 'tell me...what could be better than a...swan dive...into the asphalt...i don't know...what could be better than a...swan dive...into the asphalt...'

133. <Bloodletting> I am God Liffy, you're screwed ;) | <LifFosimilis> Bloodletting - You're God? | <Bloodletting> Of course | <LifFosimilis> That being the case, if you had nuts, I'd kick you in 'em right here...

134. <Wolfy^> WTF is Sukmet? <Wolfy^> First word being where <skadi> Wolfy^ - he's having netsex with your mom. <Wolfy^> Somehow I'm not surprised skadi <Wolfy^> Mom was always looking at him like that

135. <Wolfy^> I'm going to kill myself | <Arknight> Here's some rope and a bottle of sleeping pills. Good luck soldier. | <Wolfy^> thanks, these should do nicely | <Wolfy^> i was hoping for something a bit more painful though | * Arknight digs through the cupboards | * Arknight hands Wolfy a spork | <Arknight> here ya go. | * Wolfy^ stabs the spork into his eye | <Wolfy^> Wow, now that's perspective

136. <dark_r0nin> drugs. crack. a jedi knight wants not these things. but smoking it Luke probably is. get some where can i?

137. <SeraphimChilde> Save the Werewolves! Vampires need pets too!!!

138. <Zygos> Arknight: You should know that we can only crucify ourselves.... <Arknight> Zygos: Incorrect. Gimme 2 planks, some nails, and a 2x4 to club the victim with and I can crucify anyone.

139. <regarding a channel quotes list page> * Arknight cringes undeer the channel's(females) wrath and whimpers... ok, ok, I'll get it up... <Arknight> ... that just sounds wrong

140. <SphynxCatVP> Blood is thicker than water.....and much tastier!

141. <SphynxCatVP> I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat *veggies*! | <Arknight> Thaz cuz you never clawed your way up there, your ancestors did the work for ya :P

142. <Armanth> epicenter of the universe, god speaking...can I assist you?

143. <Wolf_Kin> LOL Ark,I don't want Skadi mad at Me <Arknight> Aw you wuss <Wolf_Kin> LOL Arknight, she can Hurt me. <Arknight> So can I, gimme a 2x4 :P

144. <Arknight> Skadi: You want ne? <skadi> Arknight - do i want you? well, no, notreally... and isn't asking in front of Tath a BAD idea? <Arknight> That's japanese for 'no'. thus 'You want, no?' <skadimundr> no. no i don't want you <Arknight> that's fine, my fiance would have a fit :P

145. <CountChocula> hooray for phallic gestures

146. <Slayn> I have a question.. <Bloodspice> All questions must be submitted in writing with full name and address with SASE; thank you, please come again!

147. <ChaosMage> I'm not -really- that concerned with tact

148. <Arknight> Actually, if you want the answers to life, the mirror is usually the best place to find them <Morella> only if you can use it to look withIN, ark

149. <Arknight> You're the only one who determines your reality, letting other people tell you what your life is about is stupid. Different viewpoints are good, but they are NEVER more important than your own <ChaosMage> Ark: Actually, people let other people define reality all the time. <Morella> yep; tis called television, isn't it?

150. <Slayn> look - I'm damn catholic - I know nothing <Morella> gee.. never thought I'd hear one of them admit it!

151. <ChaosMage> You don't find out, you know, and then you are.

152. <Bateau> someone tell turkey that I'm not talking, and you're all just pretending that I am so he'll go insane

153. <Darknessembrace> Anyone here ever had a Chesapeake bay Retriever? <Madie> no <LastLocust> that sounds serious <LastLocust> is there some sort of antibiotic they can give you for that?

154. <Arknight> jesus mcfuck <Arknight> there were only 85 of them this morning. <Arknight> you people have serious verbal diarrhea -Arky in response to the quotes list

155. * Gwynvyd grabs the jump rope, and hog ties down Skadi! <skadi> AIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! * skadi tries to kick <Gwynvyd> eh hush.. ya know you like it.. LOL <skadi> well yeah <skadi> but it's the principle of the matter

156. <Pijavica> arky remember this..... | <Pijavica> its just energy, and its all about the women! | <Arknight> so you're saying throw dildo constructs at her until she stops fighting?

157. <Narradas> yes. I fear the salami

158. <TurkeySteak> if anyone can send me tired energy to make me go to sleep sooner <ChaosMage> Turkey: You don't send tired energy you take wakey energy * cene sends TS sleepy are a sloth...feel the sleeeep....:)

159. <cene> how do you know she is bigger than me? | <skadi> oh | <skadi> um | <skadi> because you got a little nick | <skadi> and she gots a BIG nick

160. <Sukmet> The devil is my master. He gives me money to kill old people, and steal babies and sell them to Argentinians.

161. <Mirae> I mean my gut reaction to when someone gets cut is can I see that <Mirae> but then I know I am supposed to be sympathetic and all I can think is yum

162. <Narradas> Benronin: @ means you've been stalwart enough to stay here 2 months. + means you're super cool :P <skadi> and what does 'Narradas' mean? <Arknight> Skadi: Fuckchop. ;)

163. <Arknight> Seth, it's too early to kill us all. Wait til we're all about to sleep anyways, you inconsiderate bastard

164. <Erisian> In fact, I love all of you. | <Arknight> Seth: But you can't stick that in me, no matter HOW much you love me | <Erisian> Bill, I've seen your insides. All over the kitchen floor in fact. You don't need to be embarrassed.

165. <Benronin> How do you know anyone you've met online is a real vamp? All online text could be lies... <skadi> vee haf VAYS off findink dese tinks out

166. <skadifridr> Erisian - yeah? well, um... i'm a 4th generation Brujah and i'm gonna kick yer ass!

167. <Narradas> You know skadi, if you insult me much more, I really will start to think you're in love with me :) | * Narradas pets skadi fondly on the head | <skadifridr> Narradas - but if i'm <shudder> NICE to you, won't you think the same thing? | * skadifridr bites Narradas on the arm | <Narradas> foreplay?

168. <Arknight> silly ark. Pij IS a horny old bastard. :: <Pijavica> yup but an honest one ;o) :: <Arknight> Yeah but that doesn't explain the undies on your head.

169. <Drunkies> size doesnt matter! <skadi> ANY woman who says size doesn't matter is _LYING_ <Armanth> hang on measuring something...

170. * Arknight pulls out a 2x4 and chases Narr | * Arknight knocks Narradas out cold | * Arknight then pulls out some planks | * Arknight turns and rallys the crowd | * Arknight ties Narr to the planks and puts them up... Inverse Crucifixion! | * Narradas wonders if he could still kiss this way..... | * skadi offers to help Narradas find out | <Arknight> Young, bound, and in love.

171. <waaagh> Visceroth: I am the first messiah in a non-prophet religion. Go figure =)

172. * Morella has very little patience with the cult of bob <Morella> they really ARE a cult, didyaknow? seriously, they are! * Morella is serious <Visceroth> Morella> yeah they are weird

173. * Morella has very little patience with the cult of bob <Morella> they really ARE a cult, didyaknow? seriously, they are! <Visceroth> yeah they are weird. but they are no worse than xtians <Morella> well, thats like saying being strangled is no worse than being burned to death, isnt it?

174. <Visceroth> Everyone knows Money is the New God anyway <waaagh> I must be an Atheist, I'm Broke.

175. <Shazier> tits a bit nipply out, breast we go whack inside

176. <Narradas> ok this is vamp support folks not #vampsex and not #vampinfection and not #vampdouche

177. <Visceroth> I really worry about myself sometimes you know <Narradas> I worry about you too Visceroth

178. <Ven_uk> so, it looks like I just missed a good convo hmm? <Narradas> it was decent. On possession :) <Ven_uk> a guy I know got 5 years for that a while back

179. <Narradas> eh? when did we end up in bed?

180. * skadi finds it slightly ironic that Narradas is gonna be sharing a room with a bunch of females while *I* will be sharing a room with a bunch of *guys* | <Narradas> it's not ironic, it's smart :)

181. <skadi> okay | <skadi> i'll say it | *** skadi was kicked by Narradas (Narradas) | <Narradas> she was going to be mean

182. <Ven_uk> I could not, would not, on a boat, <Ven_uk> I will not, will not, with a goat, <skadi> unless you're from scotland or new zealand <Ven_uk> no that's sheep. get it right :)

183. <Brittania> I wAANA be Quoted!!! | <Brittania> I'm never quoted!!

184. <Dennis21-FOOD> turkey..... * Dennis21-FOOD wanders off <TurkeySteak> TURKEY!! * TurkeySteak runs *** TurkeySteak has left #Sanguinarius

185. <Slavegrrl_> damn my train of thought left without me

186. <Pijavica> piercing the darkness? the lifestylers guide to the vamp world? roflmao

187. * waaagH is currently a spaghetti vamp...I am enhancing my lifeforce with pasta

188. <MysteriousStranger> No chance turning over the world order. Please reboot and try again later. ;-))

189. <MsSerpentX> Jesus died on the cross because he forgot his safeword

190. <MsSerpentX> Yeah, I found Jesus... I tied his ass up, threw him in the trunk of my car and drove around for an hour. Yanno what? He didn't do a damn thing for me! | <Arknight> that's not the way it works MsSerpentX | <Arknight> You're supposed to beat Him like a pinata until salvation pops out | <MsSerpentX> Oh ok

191. <Narradas> wow this channel has gone to new levels :) | <Caelix> i think you mean sunk Narr

192. <Panther\}> heaven forbid, Narradas be mean!

193. * Narradas counts down the seconds until Ven kills him :: <Ven_uk`> no, I'm not going to kill you :: <Ven_uk`> the crows will do that after I castrate you and crucify you upside down on a red hot iron crucifix

194. <Arknight> you're really not that far away, you should drive over here sometime before the roads become solid sheets of ice :P <skadi> Arknight - not that far away as the crow flies, no, but, see, there's kinda sorta a HUGE F***ING *LAKE* between us <Arknight> Skadi: technicalities are for pansies.

195. * Narradas holds out his hand to Arknight Come to the darkside! :: <Arknight> Narradas, I RUN the dark side. :: <Narradas> shite. so much for my job aspirations

196. * skyvlad1 Sky grabs Vlad's butt & tries to seduce him to get in the hot tub :) | <Arknight> Dude, it's sex, this is irc, get yer ass offline and into that tub | *** skyvlad1 ( has left #sanguinarius

197. <bloody-kisses> Yah only lesbians and 40 year old men who want me because I like to be spanked hit on me <bloody-kisses> Oh christ wrong window

198. <Wolfy^> I'll chew out your eyes, and move the furniture every day

199. * cene s ex got stripped and had his genitals covered with permanent black marker when he was drunk...still have photos:) :: <Wolfy^> I did that sober once :: <Wolfy^> but it sure was fun

200. <ScArrEd_AngEL> Damn... I need to pee | <ScArrEd_AngEL> But the toilet is faaaaaaaaar away

201. <ScArrEd_AngEL> Everyone should have a tube going from penis to toilet...

202. <SeraphimChilde[sick]> Damn I wish I was cool enough to have a quote.

203. ::MysteriousStranger perks at Sangib0ot:: yeah, little smartass, you know me better than most animated beings... | <Sangib0t> I was young, and I needed the money!

204. <Sangib0t> <Sukmet> You're a Bad Person. Jesus doesn't Love you. | <`Id> I'm so bad Jesus doesn't even exist.

205. <Bloodletting> Ack..I have a cramp in my left thigh and my right foot fell asleep <Bloodletting> To bad I'm not a guy, I could blame it on too much wanking :P

206. <slayn> Anybody ever heard of a webpage telling us how to do excorcisms <slayn> I just need to do one... no matter

207. <slayn> some albino demon is after me | <slayn> half of his face is like deformed | <`Id> LOL. It's Elric | <`Id> Elric is chasing slayn | <slayn> is that good?

208. <Arknight> skadi, haven't you ever read Michael Moorcock? | <skadi> no | <Arknight> you poor thing | * Arknight patpats Skadi | <Arknight> don't worry, the local library can fix you | <insert ominous silence from skadi> | * Arknight notes that he likely just mortally offended skadi and she's now plotting his demise. Yay!

209. <Arknight> Got a spell to rewind time by about 2 months skadi? :P | <skadi> um | <skadi> no | <Arknight> how about fast forward 2 months? :P | <skadi> well | <skadi> actually | <skadi> get a bottle of everclear | <skadi> and drink till you fall into a coma

210. <Arknight> Seth, why is your answer to everything death? Torture works too y'know | <Wolfy^> Torture is fun, but death gives you a satisfaction that noone can take away | <Sukmet> Bill, I'm all about death | <Sukmet> If I stopped now, I wouldn't be me. | <Sukmet> It'd be like denying that sacred part of me that some people call religion

211. <LastLocust> The Donnas are like the Ramones but with bigger breasts

212. <skadi> and he's picking my ass up tomorrow night | <Ven_uk> what about the rest of you? | <skadi> Ven_uk - possibly my boobs, too? i dunno

213. [Dennis Miller TV show] ...I believe America thrives on new blood | <SphynxCatVP> That's 'cause we got a bunch of vampires as politicians! (wisecracking to the TV) [Dennis Miller TV show] Garlic is *NOT* a cologne!!

214. <Ven_uk> (Best computer jokes and errors): Error! No keyboard detected. Press F1 to continue.

215. <Wolfy^> Watch your ass, cause thas me biting it!

216. <Wolfy^> You know, it's not bad enough, this whole b0t quote thing, but my friends, the people i work with, my parents, they all fucking quote me! man i must be funny or something

217. <Arknight> sheesh <Arknight> I can't type. <Jon_Hastings> Ark, mate... Nothing new about your lack of typing ability... Just like the rest of us <G> <Arknight> Jon: I hold myself t a higher standard ;) * Jon_Hastings laughs at Arky's comment

218. -Snow_Angel- I have added you to my: (FRIEND) list ! I will now autojoin a channel if you invite, stop you from triggering any flood protections and give you special FRIEND replies by my script ! <=- °SD v11 PrO° -=> <dark_r0nin> I feel SO special now.

219. <GhostChild> reality? *blinks* what's that? <Morella> it's for those who cannot handle drugs.. I think...

220. * Memm grins a verry stupid grin | * Memm is happy | <Arknight> ... MEMMY GOT LAID! | <Memm> nope | <Memm> got hugg and kiss ... but from this person twas enough ;) | <Arknight> ... MEMMY'S GONNA *GET* LAID! ;)

221. <KinkySlaveGr> convo goes like this: KinkySlaveGrrlFromUrAnus: bruk! bruk! bruk! Brave_chicken: what do u want? KinkySlaveGrrlFromUrAnus: kfc?

222. <Caelia> goddamn, why does my cat smell so bad? it's devastating in here.. *opens bed curtains* time for Persia-cat to go the hell outside, i dont care how cold it is | <SphynxCatVP> Is it time to clean the litterbox? | <Caelia> i dunno maybe he farted or something. i picked him up and the smell was atrocious. he's not old enough to fart with impunity. he's only 3!

223. <Scendera_> wait, if I get it my macs will outnumbers my pcs | <Scendera_> pathetic lol | <Lystro> how many macs at current? | <Lystro> more than 0 is bad

224. <Slavegrrl_> coke is good coke is great I surender my will as of this date. | <Slavegrrl_> Sorry simpson moment

225. <Morella> LadyNocturnal, do you have a webpage perchance? <DawnRazor> Morella: No, she doesn't...But you can see her naked pics on my webpage!@

226. <SoulSteal> steal from one source and it's plagiarism <SoulSteal> steal from many and it's research

227. <Sukmet> Just because I'm all of yous's saviour, doesn't mean you can treat me like it. | * Arknight stabs Seth with the Spear of Destiny again | <Arknight> shut up and bleed for my sins, bitch.

228. <Sukmet> Hey... suck my crucifix.

229. * Wolfy^ thinks ChaosMage is being possessed <Wolfy^> hehhe, not really, but kinda <ChaosMage> Possessed how and by what and not again damnit!

230. <Anhkharu> hell if worse comes to worse I'll sell my soul...errm services as an HTML editor <sarasvati> Anhk...if you sell your soul, use e-bay ;)

231. * sarasvati might sell her soul for a cup of blood right now... *think* or maybe I already did that awhile back...

232. <Wolfy^> Just buy a frigging meat hook and stick the closest available neighbor on it!

233. Aarisa lost her milk under two years ago

234. <'lostsoul> how many lost souls are there?

235. <D's_Advocate> Life is a nasty cough.

236. <UnknownSoul> i am a christian so i am biased on this subject <Bloodspice> I am a Satanic Vampire, so I am biased on this subject even more... heh

237. <BloodStone_> BRB....potty lurk <Morella> he is lurking in the potty? <Morella> shouldn't that be lurching TO the potty? * Morella ponders <Pijavica> not if he's the tidy bowl vamp <sarasvati> tidy bowl THAT makes me afraid to sit down.

238. <VKlaatu> well at least we dont see TOO much misinformation here about cutting and other sang related things of real importance, but clowns with retractable fangs get to be WAY too much <Arknight> I would personally find a clown with retractable fangs hilarious

239. <JeweleKitten`> the world sucks doesn't it? <VKlaatu> not hard enough

240. <SphynxCatVP> I have people telling me getting into my head is like trying to get into Fort Knox <Tiamatu> *knock, knock* ;)))))) * Arknight knox on SC's head <Arknight> ... We're gonna need the power drill boiz!

241. <AntonDeFreak> Your future is like a good woman Betrayer: you have to work hard to make it come the right way, but when it does...well, nuff said!

242. <VKlaatu> besides, I doubt that you could possibly be as much of a disaster area as I am, so take heart <VKlaatu> not that that's much consolation

243. <Visceroth> Don't put yourself down VK, there are others who will do it for you, and it is rude to deny them the privilege! ;-) <VKlaatu> They usually don't know me well enough to do an adequate job of it either.....

244. <VKlaatu> FrontPuke blows gooey chunks all over the Net <Arknight> unfortunately said gooey chunks ARE all over the net <SphynxCatVP> bg sounds blow gooey chunks all over the net too

245. <Tiamatu> ALL: sorry, was cut off... what did I miss in private chat? :) <Arknight> The meaning of life :P - can only be told once, too. <Arknight> Too bad. ;) <Tiamatu> Ark: sorry dude, already knew that one: To pester Arknight! ;)))) <Arknight> you told them all! NOW how much free time you think I'll get? :P

246. <Narcosynthesis> thank you...hopefully I will pass inspection and be welcomed back here <Narcosynthesis> I'd say keep your fingers crossed, but you know...crosses and all...

247. <Narradas> wow. I don't know whether to be honoured or afraid for my soul ;)

248. <fdragon> anyone seen g0th lately? <Wolfy^> yeah, I ate breakfast with him this morning <Wolfy^> He was on the milk carton

249. <_Bane_> people suck dick, that's all there is to it

250. <Visceroth> Rage Against the Machine has broken up? Will the torment never end!!

251. <AntonDeFreak> D Advocate pisses me off, but he says some funny shit <Morella> you said a mouthful there, damn, if he even POs you, imagine how he affects my delicate sensibilities.. heh <AntonDeFreak> Indeed. How many times I've come a bee's dick away from kicking him you'll never know.. * Morella assumes that a bee's dick is very tiny indeed...

252. <VKlaatu> three cheers for the Community <VKlaatu> *fart fart fart*

253. <Arknight> I want to climb the Eiffel Tower and throw bags of flaming poop. Juvenile yes, but it'd be hilarious until the mob caught up. <JewelKitten`> I just learnt what alt f4 does..

254. * AntonDeFreak invented a new goth category word the other day <AntonDeFreak> Bohemi-Goth! <VKlaatu> then there's beat-goth <AntonDeFreak> I've seen BeateN-Goth, bleeding in the gutter...but not Beat-Goth...

255. *** Vanne is now known as Vanne`uploadingcrap <VKlaatu> wow, how does one fit feces through a phone line? <AntonDeFreak> Easy, talk shit :-) <Arknight> VK: You could quote scripture over the phone...

256. <Wolfy^> I'm a thousand terrible things that can happen

257. <Cephalic_Carnage> if you won't vote nader, then vote cephalic carnage. i will demand free blood and corpses for the masses <Tathaenhi> Ceph I don't WANT premade corpses <Tathaenhi> I wanna make my OWN <Pijavica> i'll take a corpse light please

258. <VKlaatu> in that case I'll get my belt....... <Wolfy^> ooooooooo a belt VK you're so naughty <VKlaatu> naughty, hell, I'm NASTY!

259. <Armanth> I get paid 9.38 an hour to sit on my ass and tell people where their orders are... <skadi> i get paid 2.65 to run my ass off and *take* orders :P <Wolfy^> I get paid to be difficult <Pijavica> I get paid to check people's shorts ;o) <Wolfy^> me too, cept, its usually done against their will

260. <^DarkLight^> Catholicism - Two thousand years of blood, carnage and slavery can't be all wrong!

261. <sarasvati> I love the work :) it's a 50-50 split on who's better though...people don't typically slip collars and go running off through the neighborhood, but dogs don't sue so much

262. <Wolf_Kin> Caelix,could you actually be developing one of those things called a conscience?? <Narradas> I gotta get me one of them from ebay sometime <skadi> is that like a polaroid?

263. <_Bane_> Mmmm... | <D`s_Advocate> HARDER! | <D`s_Advocate> AAAAAAA~!!!! | <_Bane_> wow... you're wonderful D`s_Advocate... | <D`s_Advocate> i try :P

264. <mereheart> what do I have to do for attention around here? <VKlaatu> mereheart - you have to either be a blatant poser or play really sick games or get brutally honest

265. <Dakisha> Never argue with an idiot. they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

266. <skadi> if vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from? <sarasvati> of course, and if vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

267. <BloodStone_> Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

268. <BloodStone_> I can only please one person a day, and today ain't your day... (tomorrow ain't looking good either).

269. <Dakisha`al> I've decided that if you plan to get drunk, plan to get very drunk... You can't regret what you can't remember!

270. <Wolf_Kin> DarknessEmbrace,what lesson have you learned from this? <DarknessEmbrace> not to listen to a damn word that Narradas says?

271. <VKlaatu> well at least my cats can stand me tonight - they weren't coming anywhere near me last night <Morella> heh. you know yer in a dangerous state of mind when your cats won't go near you...

272. <Bloodspice> We do everything that the holy bible tells us not too. | <Zygos> So in other words...your a sect of christianity....

273. <Obsidian_Butterfly> why are vampires such stupid, shallow, arrogant assholes? <Sanguinarius> cause we're vein? ;)

274. <Sukmet> I've been told that everyone has a hole in their soul that never goes away, no matter what. Mine's really starting to piss me off.

275. <Sanguinarius> I need to clone myself, dammit!

276. <sapphire-kitten> LOL Jon_Hastings

277. <Narradas> quick, hide the bodies, skadi get dressed, Jon wipe the BDG off your face, we're getting company :P

278. <skadi> big meanie <Narradas> aww I'll make it up to you <skadi> and how are you gonna do THAT? <Caelix> sex, stupid:)

279. <sl0bber> the day is so stupid, people could get so much more done at night

280. <Caelix> May a thousand camels weave your armpit hair with dental floss.

281. <Zyd> virgins have issues

282. <Arknight> Yes Skadi has eclipsed me in the art of making fun of Narradas. I'm still the best at broiling Pyramus though ;)



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