Thank you to all who voted in the #Sanguinarius Pseudo-Awards!
Also many thanks to Autumnmoon who originated the question list, and skadi, who saved it :)


The pseudo-awards are given out IN FUN for those who frequent the channel #Sanguinarius on Dalnet (IRC). Places are calculated by the number of votes received. If there is the same person under multiple nicks, let me know. If you are listed under the wrong gender, that is not my fault :P
Please report any problems (such as if different names are the same person) to:
Results may change slightly after first posting due to names being the same person without me realizing it.

Flirtiest Male:
1st place GabrielX
2nd place Grampa-E, Meepster, Drac'onis, PhrozenStar
3rd place Robomidjet, Tepsi, Drakonse, laughlyn, Memm

Flirtiest Female:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place wildkat
3rd place Duvessa, adara, AngellicAgony, Sanguinarius

Sexiest/Best Looking Male:
1st place Grampa-E
2nd place DarkAmaranth, GabrielX, Hades_Of_Methrillon, Vorsuc, g0th, PhrozenStar, Meepster

Sexiest/Best Looking Female:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place Duvessa
3rd place psyvampiress, angellicagony
4th place Tepsi, Ami1845, WildKat, Morawen

Creepiest Male:
1st place adramelek, Dark_
2nd place necr0
3rd place teaturtle, Meepster, Orbital_Beetle, LiquiD_Snake, laughlyn, Hades_of_Methrillion

Spookiest Female:
1st place Sanguinarius
2nd place Tepsi, Morella
3rd place Duvessa 4th place Ami1845, Ravena, Adara

Best Sense of Humor:
1st place Grampa-E
2nd place Robomidget, WildKat, Tepsi, sinistersister, Sacrenoir, Liam_K, Ashe`el, memm, Yami_, Meepster, Duvessa, vampire-bot, Morawen

Idles Most:
1st place SphynxCat
2nd place ^W0|f^
3rd place Grampa-E, Memm, All Ops, lono, Gabrielx, adara, necr0, lythergic, Meepster, angellicagony

1st place Ravena
2nd place ku_shin
3rd place Grampa-E, Demi, Xalpharis, aki, ShineDog, Duvessa, PhrozenStar, Adara

1st place Ravena
2nd place DarkAmaranth, Silhouette, adramelk, Sanguinarius, Mylan, Hades_of_Methrillion, Sevencrows, LdIrQeUaImDs, adara

Most Kinky Male:
1st place Hades_of_methrilon
2nd place Grampa-E, GabrielX
3rd place Sar d` Oul, Drac`ohnis, Tryp, Phrozenstar

Most Kinky Female:
1st place Adara, Tepsi
2nd place Fatal_vampiress, AngellicAgony
3rd place Morawen, WildKat, aki

Most Friendly:
1st place WildKat, Adara, Morella, Tepsi, libera_me, Gabrielx, AutumnDream, Ashe'el, Yami_, PhrozenStar, Grandpa-E, Fatal_Vampiress, AutumnJade, Meepster
(Apparently, we have lots of friendly people this year, but none more friendly then any other!)

Most Missed:
1st place poppycat
2nd place sangpoursang, paulina, bbeelliinnddaa, Wolf_kin, Horror Show, Violenta, Ashe'el, Colimbina, Duvessa, gorath

Most Eccentric:
1st place Sanguinarius, Tepsi
2nd place Ravena, Ashe`el, lono, Duvessa, necr0, Hades_of_Methrilon, Yumi, Meepster

Most Politically Incorrect:
1st place Fatal-Vampiress
2nd place All of us, Drakonse, adara, Tepsi, Drac`ohnis, Vorsuc, LiquidSnake, memm, PhrozenStar, Tryp, Liam_k

Most Politically Correct:
1st place Ravena
2nd place Ku_shin
3rd place Liam_K, Morella, MFuture, Tepsi, GabrielX, meep, Morawen, Vorsuc, Duvessa

Most Neurotic:
1st place Ravena
2nd place Tepsi
3rd place Dark__, DarkAmaranth, AdremeleK, PhrozenStar, necr0, Sanguinarius, Hades_of_Methrilon, anshar

Most Fair/Judicial:
1st place Sanguinarius
2nd place Duvessa
3rd place Ravena
4th place Grampa-E, AutumnJade, SphynxCatVP, Ku_Shin

Most Twisted Mind:
1st place adramelek
2nd place Dark__, Tepsi, sanguinarius
3rd place Grampa-E, necr0, Gabrielx, PhrozenStar, Hades_Of_Methrilon

Most Laid Back:
1st place Grampa_E, Sangi
2nd place Meep, Gabrielx
3rd place justreality, laughlyn, Duvessa, Tryp

Most Nicks Used:
1st place FatalVampiress, Meep, Sanguinarius, Adara
2nd place adramelk, tepsi

Most Wanted to Meet:
1st place Grampa-E, Fatal_Vampiress, Sanguinarius
2nd place Ravena, Colimbina, MoonGuard, Violenta, AngellicAgony, Meepster, Paulina

Most Mysterious:
1st place GabrielX, Ravena, Grampa-E, Memm, SphnyxCatVP, Tepsi, Anshar, Sanity Assassin, Morella, Hades_of_Methrilon, Meepster, Seven_crows, AngellicAgony, Fatal_Vampiress
(We apparently have alot of mysterious people!)

Most Pretentious Nick:
1st place FatalVampiress, TempestMoonwolf, necr0, Hades of Methrilon, justreality, Drac`ohnis, shortgoth, CountWankula

Best Male Nick:
1st place LdIrQeUaImDs
2nd place RoboMidget, anshar, Zephiris, dark-, PhrozenStar, Drakonse, Meepster

Best Female Nick:
1st place Sanguinarius, Morawen
2nd place Fatal_Vampiress, bubbleentity{L}, angellicagony, LadyAntonia, duvessa, SevenCrows

Worst Temper:
1st place Ravena, DarkAmaranth, Dark_
2nd place AkiFeather, Drakonse, adramelk, tepsi, ku-shin, Ashe`el, Adara, LdIrQeUaImDs

Most Likely to Copulate with their Computer:
1st place Duvessa, Sanguinarius, Liqu|dSnake
2nd place teaturtle, Tepsi, lythergic, lono, necr0, PhrozenStar, Adara

Most Likely to Sleep with a Teddy Bear:
1st place Tepsi
2nd place lono, AutumnJade, Fatal_Vampiress, Duvessa, WildKat, Liam_K, Meep, psyvampiress, PhrozenStar, Hades_Of_Methrilon, Ravena_

Most Likely to Join a Circus:
1st place Colimbina
2nd place Dark_, Hades_of_methrilon, lono
3rd place Meepster, bubbleenity, WildKat, necr0, Adramelek, Yami

Most Likely to Blow up Their Computer:
1st place gabrielX, Sanguinarius
2nd place DarkAmaranth, necr0, lono, paulina, tryp, Terrordar

Most Likely to Frighten Children at the Grocery store:
1st place hades_of_methrilon
2nd place Sanguinarius
3nd place AdrameleK
4th place tepsi, DarkAmaranth, vorsuc, Shinedog

Most Likely to Gather Stares:
1st place Hades of Methrilon
2nd place Grampa-E, Fatal_Vampiress
3rd place Moongarm, WildKat, Tepsi, Sanguinarius

Most Likely to Lead a Cult:
1st place Sanguinarius
2nd place Grampa-E, Gabrielx, Meepster
3rd place AutumnJade, vorsuc, Hades of Methrilon, laughlyn, Duvessa, adramelek

Most Likely to Become President:
1st place Duvessa
2nd place Yami_, necr0, Dark_, Liam-K, sinistersister, Ku Shin, Dark_eyed_djinn, ashe'el, Meepster, GabrielX

Most Likely to be Deported:
1st place dark_
2nd place Hades_of_Methrilon
3rd place Meepster, MicahScorpio, AutumnDream, Drac`ohnis, autumnjade, Orbital Beetle, GabrielX, gorath, necr0, Columbina

Most Likely to go Down in History:
1st place Sanguinarius
2nd place Meepster
3rd place LadySapphireD, Grampa-E, LadyAntonia, skyvlad, GabrielX

Most Likely to Leave a Crater when they Die:
1st place Sanguinarius
2nd place PhrozenStar
3rd place QuickZilver, SphynxCatVP, Meep, memm, necr0

Most Likely to be Seen on a Post Office (wanted/reward) Poster:
1st place Adramelek, Dark_
2nd place LiquidSnake, necr0
3rd place Grampa-E, vorsuc, Tepsi, memm, sanguinarius

Most Likely to be Seen on the Back of a Milk Carton:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place Meepster
3rd place ^Wolf^, MicahScorpio, Lemius, Autumn, Hades_of_Methrilon, PhrozenStar, Morawen

Most Likely to get put in Jail for a Sex Crime:
1st place Adramelek
2nd place necr0, Hades_Of_Methrillon
3rd place Meepster, Robomidget, Liquid_Snake, laughlyn

Most Likely to go Postal:
1st place Ashe'el
2nd place Robomidget, Ku_Shin, lono, Duvessa, gabrielx, Liqu|d_Snake, meep, Morawen, LdIrQeUaImDs, Ravena_

Most Likely to be a Porn Star:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place Duvessa, Adara_, Tryp, |terrordar|, psyvampiress, PhrozenStar

Who Would Make the Cutest Couple:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress/grampa_E
2nd place Tepsi/bubbleentity{L}
3rd place ADuvessa/fatal_Vampiress, Meepster/teaturtle, Drac'ohnis/Duvessa, Moongarm/Drakonse, gabrielx/charon, meepster/Yami_, PhrozenStar/AngellicAgony, vampirebot/Grampa-E, Wildkat/Sar D'oul

Most Unlikely Couple:
1st place Meepster/Sangi, DarkAmaranth/Ami1845, Liam-K/AdrameleK, AutumnJade/AdrameleK, Ku_shin/adramelk, Vorsuc/Lemius, sanguinarius/father todd, Sanguinarius/Wildkat, memm/tepsi, Sanguinarius/Meepster, Sangi/Liam_K, AdrameleK/FatalVampiress

Who Would YOU Shag?:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place Grampa_E
3rd place GabrielX, Ami1845, bubbleentity{L}, GothicBlazon, Ashe'el, AngellicAgony

Favorite Quit Lines:
Thats the reason it is called a crush, if it were easy it would be called something else
Tempest Moonwolf
I am the darkness within your soul, I am the darkness from which there is no escape… I am Yami
PhrozenStar : "Ninja jacking is the art of jacking like the silent wind." -- Gorath "I did that three times this morning"
-- Phrozen Soylent Green is People!!!!!

Favorite Newbie:
1st place Fatal_Vampiress
2nd place MoonGuard, Toxian, Moongarm, dark-, vampire-bot, GabrielX

Catagories Suggested for Next Year:
Darkest personality
Most talented in (category)
Most likely to be commited into an institution for stalking
Most likely to go medieval.
Most likely to win a pie eating contest
Most likely to be living another life
Who's Already GONE Postal?