Thank you to all who voted in the 2001 #Sanguinarius Pseudo-Awards!
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These are an annual awards system usually done around Halloween. The voting ended October 30, 2001. This is all done in fun, mind you, and so take none of it too serious (ie: don't get offended if you got nominated for something). Have Fun!! Nominees were only to be made from those who attend #sanguinarius on DalNet, however they did not have to be regulars. Also, many #sanguinarius members pictures can be found here: #sanguinarius Picture Page thanks to Duvessa for putting that together! Now on to the results!

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Results may change slightly after first posting due to names being the same person w/o me realizing it
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Flirtiest Male:
           1st place memm, Last Locust (3) Pijavica (4)
           2nd place Dark_Eyed_Djinn, Narradas (2)
           3rd place Phrozen_Star, Icehot, BloodGremlin, Turkey Steak, |Slayne|, Crimson^Angel (1)

Flirtiest Female:
           1st place Crimson^Angel (7)
           2nd place angelsumaire, cene(3)
           3rd place  Duvessa (2)
           4th place bloodletting, DarkIceV, Colimbina, LadySapphireD, tepsiar, Mellie-issa, ^Kaz^, Mirae, Charon (1)

Sexiest/Best Looking Male:
           1st place  memm (6)
           2nd place  Garrison, LifezBluud, Icehot (2)
           3rd place wetpeach, DarkIceV, Pijavica, TurkeySteak, The_Snake_King, Sukmet, Dark_Eyed_Djinn, |slayn|, DarknessEmbrace, Bloodstone, CJohnston, Oul, DISPLACER (1)

Sexiest/Best Looking Female:
           1st place  ^Kaz^, Mirae (3) ^Charon^ (5)
           2nd place cene, Colimbina, Angelsumaire (2)
           3rd place  Zyd, Avigone, Bloodletting, Duvessa , ^mysty^, Morella, TwistedThorns, PrincessAnne (1)

Creepiest Male:
           1st place  Displacer, Garrison, ChaosMage (3)
           2nd place  VKlattu, g0th (2)
           3rd place  bloodf, Bane, LastLocust, The_Snake_King, Pijavica, Angel of Inferno, itches, DarknessEmbrace, Oul, DISPLACER (1)

Spookiest Female:
           1st place Sanguinarius (7)
           2nd place Avigon (6)
           3rd place Bloodletting, Mirae (2) Morella (3)
           4th place Zyd, FreyaRose (1)

Best Sense of Humor:
           1st place  g0th, TurkeySteak (3)
           2nd place Narradas, Zyd,cene (2)
           3rd place Pirate_Ra, ^mysty^, The_Snake_King, sarasvati, Wolfy^, DarknessEmbrace, Sanguinarius, DISPLACER (1)

Idles Most:
           1st place ^Dragon^ (7)
           2nd place  Morella (5)
           3rd place Zyd (3)
           4th place Icehot, Scendra (2)
           5th place DarkIceV, Wallachian_Prince, MindNexus, ^Charon^, ChaosMage, memm (1)

           1st place TwistedThorns (6)
           2nd place ChaosMage (3), Tallina, Zyd (2)
           3rd place ^mysty^, LastLocust, AngelFarie, Morella, Duvessa, Crimson^Angel, trollers, Janett, tepsiar, FreyaRose, Zyd, Mirae (1)

           1st place TwistedThorn (5)
           2nd place Scendra (2) FreyaRose (3)
           3rd place Zyd, Madie, SangBot, AngelFaerie, Bloodletting, cene, tepsiar, Duvessa, Crimson^Angel, LastLocust, ChaosMage, VKlattu, Sanguinarius (1)

Most Kinky Male:
           1st place Pijavica (3)
           2nd place iCEhOT, memm, DarknessEmbrace (2)
           3rd place  DarkIceV, Dark-Eyed-Djinn, LastLocust, Dakash'al, g0th, Wolfy^, Narradas, DISPLACER (1)

Most Kinky Female:
           1st place Bloodletting, Cene(3)
           2nd place tepsiar, Mirae, Crimson^Angel (2)
           3rd place Avigone, Sanguinarius, Desiderata^Soul, Caelix, Sky, Mellie-issa, ^Kaz^, RavenFire, PrincessAnne (1)

Most Kicked for Idling:
           1st place Zyd (6)
           2nd place  ^Dragon^, DarkIceV(2)  Icehot (3) ChaosMage (4)
           3rd place Scendra, Wallachian_Prince, D.A.I, Soceror_, SangBot (1)

Most Friendly:
           1st place Morella, cene (5)
           2nd place TurkeySteak, tepsiar (2)
           3rd place Crimson^Angel, sarasvati, Wolf_Kin, TwistedThorns, Kaz, The_Snake_King, SphynxCatVP, NyteDuhst, Wolfy^ (1)

Most Missed:
           1st place cene, g0th (3)
           2nd place Arknight (2)
           3rd place Bloodspice, Wolf_Kin, Caelia, Pijavica, Phrozen_Star, BlackPantha, Vyrdolak, Holly, panther, Garrison, Crimson^Angel, AneriaRomana, Vincent, Sukmet (1)

Most Eccentric:
           1st place Sanguinarius (3)
           2nd place tepisar (2)
           3rd place Coliumbina, LastLocust, g0th, Chef-Matt, venne, TurkeySteak, The_Snake_King, Mellie_issa, Freya^Rose, AncientMoogle, DarknessEmbrace, desiderata^soul, DISPLACER (1)

Most Politically Incorrect:
           1st place ChaosMage (4)
           2nd place Janett, Displacer (2) g0th (3)
           3rd place Arknight, pirate_ra, VKlaatu, Scendera, Chef-Matt, The_Snake_King, Johnny_Carcinogen, SoulTrap, memm, Angel_of_Inferno (1)

Most Politically Correct:
           1st place Morella (9)
           2nd place iCeHoT, SangBot, SphynxCatVP (2)
           3rd place ChaosMage, TwistedThorns, TurkeySteak, The_Snake_King, Sanguinarius, Pirate_Ra (1)

Most Neurotic:
           1st place Freya^Rose (3) Sanguinarius (4)
           2nd place ChaosMage, TwistedThorns, desiderata^soul (2)
           3rd place Zyd, ArkRaider, Scendra, DarknessEmbrace, Pijavica (1)

Most Fair/Judicial:
           1st place Morella (11), TwistedThorns (5)
           2nd place cene (2)
           3rd place Sanguinarius, Garrison, SpynxCatVP, SangBot, Duvessa, Mirae, iCeHoT (1)

Most Twisted Mind:
           1st place Pijavica (3)
           2nd place Chef-Matt (2)
           3rd place Zyd, Icehot, pirate_ra, RavenFire, TwistedThorns, Morella, Bloodletting, The_Snake_King, LastLocust, memm, Wolfy^, xeurika, cene, Displacer, DarknessEmbrace, g0th, DISPLACER (1)

Most Laid Back:
           1st place  DISPLACER,Shishain (2)
           2nd place Avigon, Arknight, g0th, memm, Crimson^Angel, |Slayn|, The_Snake_King, TwistedThorns, Wolfy^, ^Charon^, ^dragon^, cene, Vampiric_Watermelon, dark_r0nin (1)
           3rd place

Most Nicks Used:
            1st place Freya^Rose (16) (this is the meaning of the term "winning hands down")
            2nd place cene (2) Crimson^Angel (3)
            3rd place TurkeySteak, Sanguinarius (1)

Most Wanted to Meet:
           1st place Cene (3)
           2nd place DISPLACER (2)
           3rd place Narradas, Avigon, Bloodletting, Wolf_Kin, ^charon^, Angelsumaire, tepsiar, Kaz, Vyrdolak, Wolfy^, Garrison, TwistedThorns, NyteDuhst, sangpoursang, Wolf_Kin, Sanguinarius, iCeHoT (1)

Most Mysterious:
            1st place Narradas (3)
            2nd place DISPLACER, Wet_Peach, Garrison, dark_r0nin, tepsiar, The_Snake_King, Sukmet, Crimson^Angel, SphynxCatVP, Nosferatu, SevenCrows, Avigon, Sanguinarius (1)

Most Pretentious Nick:
           1st place Angel_of_Inferno, The_Snake_King (4)
           2nd place Sanguinarius (2)
           3rd place  Dark_Eyed_Djinn, Pijavica, ChaosMage,  |slayn|, Draco_666 (1)

Best Male Nick:
           1st place TurkeySteak (3)
           2nd place DarknessEmbrace, Wetpeach, Icehot, Dakisha`al (2)
           3rd place Phrozen_Star, The_Snake_King, LastLocust, VelioD, Oul, dark_r0nin, DISPLACER (1)

Best Female Nick:
           1st place sarasvati (3)
           2nd place Sanguinarius, TwistedThorns, Ailidh, Vampiric_Watermelon (2)
           3rd place Lilithwolf, AngelSumaire, ZtheC, InnanasChild, Hentai_School_Girl, Mirae, PrincessAnne (1)

Worst Temper:
           1st place Scendra (5)
           2nd place  Pirate^Ra, DarknessEmbraced (2) TwistedThorns (4)
           3rd place Zyd, LastLocust, bloodletting, Tallania, Pijavica, Duvessa, Dennis, Freya^Rose, DISPLACER (1)

Most Likely to Copulate with their Computer:
           1st place g0th (5)
           2nd place Pijavica, LastLocust, DarknessEmbrace (2)
           3rd place Phrozen_Star, Morella, cene, Bathorys_Son, Arknight, ChefMatt, ^dragon^, Ashe'el (1)

Most Likely to Sleep with a Teddy Bear:
           1st place AngelSumaire (3)
           2nd place SangBot, Colimbina, TurkeySteak, Freya_Rose (2)
           3rd place Crimson^Angel, ^charon^, Bloodletting, belindal, ArkRaider, DarkSeraphim, RavenFire, Dakisha'al, NeonWolf, desiderata^soul, iCeHoT (1)

Most Likely to Join a Circus:
            1st place  Duvessa, pirate_ra, Morella (2)
            2nd place Dark-Eyed-Djinn, Colimbina, LastLocust, Vampire^Bunny, DarkIceV, Freya Rose, TwistedThorn, Sanguinarius, TurkeySteak, SphynxcatVP, AncientMoogle, VKlattu, DarknessEmbrace, Shadow^Dancer (1)

Most Likely to Blow up Their Computer:
            1st place  Sanguinarius,^dragon^ (2)
            2nd place Crimson^Angel, Scendera, Ravenfire, pirate_ra, Chef-Matt, cene, Avigon, Pijavica, TurkeySteak, |Slayin|, sarasvati, Arknight, Vampiric_Watermelon, dark_r0nin, PrincessAnne (1)
            3rd place

Most Likely to Pass out at Their Computer:
           1st place tepsiar, Morella, cene (3)
           2nd place
           3rd place WildKat, Chef-Matt, Zyd, SphynxCatVP, Mirae, Arknight, Pijavica, sangpoursang, dark_r0nin, g0th, Sanguinarius (1)

Most Likely to Frighten Children at the Grocery store:
            1st place DISPLACER, Garrison (3)
            2nd place Sanguinarius, Avigon, LastLocust (2)
            3nd place skyvlad, Angel_of_Inferno, g0th, Icehot, Morella, dark_r0nin, VKlattu (1)

Most Likely to Gather Stares:
           1st place DISPLACER, Sanguinarius, Garrison, Avigon, ^Kaz^  (2)
           2nd place Dark_Eyed_Djinn, Sanguinarius, ^mysty^, LastLocust, skyvlad, Skadi, colimbina, Morella, g0th, Moonwolf_ShadowWalker, Ben (1)
           3rd place

Most Likely to Lead a Cult:
           1st place Pijavica (3)
           2nd place DISPLACER, Narradas, g0th, Sanguinarius (2)
           3rd place skyvlad, Shishain, Angel_of_Inferno, Freya^Rose, LastLocust, The_Snake_King, Sukmet, AncientMoogle, Ven, Neonwolf, Shenikah (1)

Most Likely to Become President:
           1st place LastLocust (3)
           2nd place Micholena, Sanguinarius (2)
           3rd place Morella, TwistedThorns, Narradas,  sarasvati, The_Snake_King, tepsiar, WildKat. iCeHoT (1)

Most Likely to be Deported:
           1st place FreyaRose (3)
           2nd place TurkeySteak, DISPLACER (2)
           3rd place Pirate_Ra, cene, memm, Scendra, Dakisha'al, Tallinia, desiderata^soul, Angel_of_Inferno (1)

Most Likely to go Down in History:
           1st place Sanguinarius (3)
           2nd place Oul_Angel, Morella, Scendra, Freya^Rose, LastLocust, The_Snake_King, memm, Princess_Anne, aiwick, SangBot, g0th, DISPLACER (1)
           3rd place

Most Likely to be Seen on a Post Office (wanted/reward) Poster:
           1st place g0th (4)
           2nd place DISPLACER, The_Snake_King (2)
           3rd place VKlaatu, pirate_ra, LastLocust, DarkIceV, BloodGremlin, Pijavica,  Angel_of_Inferno, ChaosMage, |slayin|, ChefMatt, Morella, Freya^Rose, iCeHoT (1)

Most Likely to be Seen on the Back of a Milk Carton:
           1st place Freya^Rose (3)
           2nd place Coliumbina (2)
           3rd place Bateau, memm, Narradas, Crimson^Angel, cene (Have you cene this girl?), GhostChild, Morella, Ashe'el, g0th, PrincessAnne (1)

Most Likely to get put in Jail for a Sex Crime:
           1st place Pijavica, g0th (2)
           2nd place Dark-Eyed-Djinn, pirate_ra, tepsiar, Vklaatu, Angel_of_Inferno, DISPLACER, The_Snake_King, LastLocust, Princess_Anne, |slayn|, ^Kaz^, Morella, Shenikah (1)
           3rd place

Most Likely to go Postal:
           1st place Scendera, ChaosMage(2)
           2nd place DISPLACER, Angelsumaire, Freya^Rose, TwistedThorn, pirate_ra, Zyd, Pijavica, sarasvati, Vyrdolak, DarknessEmbraced, MindNexus, Morella, duggy, Angel_of_Inferno (1)
           3rd place

Most Likely to be a Porn Star:
            1st place ^mysty^, Dark-Eyed-Djinn, Freya^Rose (2)
            2nd place  Colimbina, Duvessa, Icehot, The_Snake_King, SangBot, g0th, mellie_issa, memm, ^Kaz^, DarknessEmbrace, Zyd, PrincessAnne (1)
            3rd place

Who Would Make the Cutest Couple:
            1st place  TurkeySteak /^Kaz^, LastLocust/Charon (2)
            2nd place Crimson^Angel/Lifezbluud, DISPLACER/AngelFaerie, memm/^mysty^, TurkeySteak/cene, Morella/Mirae, ICehot/Mysty, Arknight/Tathani, bloodstone/Avigon, DarknessEmbrace/ladydrey, Colimbina/g0th, cene/Garrison, PrincessAnne/DISPLACER (1)
           3rd place

Most Unlikely Couple:
            1st place DISPLACER/Coliumbina, Zyd/pirate_ra, Chef-Matt/Scarlet^Vision, Morella/VKlaatu, ChefMatt/TurkeySteak, TwistedThorns/ChaosMage, DISPLACER/Cene, Scendra/Pirate_Ra, Morella/TurkeySteak, Zyd/VKlaatu, AncientMoogle/ChaosMage, Sangbot/^AngelBot^, TwistedThorns/Sangb0t, desiderata^soul/Dakisha`al, Pijavica/SangBot (1)
            2nd place

Who Would YOU Shag?:
           1st place Lifezbluud, Pijavica, Wolfy^ (2)
           2nd place memm, Icehot, Bloodletting, ^mysty^, DISPLACER, AngelSumaire, ^charon^, nashoba, Sukmet, Crimson_Angel, Garrison, ^Kaz^, CJohnston, cene, DISPLACER (1)
           3rd place