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Sangi's Random Slaps Script

To keep things lively, I use a random slaps script that replaces the boring old "slaps So-and-So around with a large trout" command.  This script randomizes the "slap" (slaps, pummels, bops, whacks, etc.) as well as what item the person will get slapped with (smelly gym socks, an asses jawbone, a bloody hatchet, etc.).

Installing Sangi's Random Slaps popups script:

1.) Create a folder called "random" in your mirc directory. Mine is C:\Program Files\mirc\random\ .

2a.) Download these 2 text files: randomslap-objects.txt & randomslap-slaps.txt. (Right-click on the links and select "Save as" or "Save target/link as...")

2b.) Put the two files you just downloaded in the "random" directory.

3.) In mIRC, on the menu bar, go to Tools > Scripts Editor.
      Click the Popups tab.
      Click on View > Nick List in the menu bar there. Now you're in the right location.

4a.) Copy and paste the following line of code where you would like it to appear in the Nick List popups when you right click on a nick):

       Slap!:/me $read(c:\program files\mirc\random\randomslap-slaps.txt) $$1 with $read(c:\program files\mirc\random\randomslap-objects.txt)

4b.) Make sure the file locations (the parts in the parentheses) both point to the file's locations on your hard drive.

5.) Editing the random text files: If you want to edit one, put one item per line (spaces are allowed). Make sure there's no extra lines or spaces after the last entry (or anywhere else). When you're done adding or removing items, count the number of ITEMS and change the number at the top. The total lines minus the number line is a quick way to add up.

6.) Click Save (duh!).

7.) Turn your remote script capability (only needs to be done once) on by typing this command in any mIRC window (channel, query/pm or status):

           /remote on

Using Sangi's Random Slaps:

1.) Right click on a nick in the nick list

2.) Select "Slap!"

3.) Enjoy the lulz!


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