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I am not here for a popularity contest. I am here to help vampires.

#Sanguinarius exists for vampire support and discussion, not as a public relations channel for outsiders to see how fluffy and cute and harmless vampires are supposed to be. I have seen and heard of the Ops discouraging or attempting to squelch vampire-relevant topics (and sometimes they discourage the topic in PMs) which they seem to think are unacceptable. These issues are valid, and of real concern to those who are real vampires. I do not expect anyone, ANYONE, who isn't a vampire to understand these things. They may intellectually understand what is being said, but unless they walk in our shoes, they cannot.

While I have absolutely nothing against Otherkin, the channel #Sanguinarius is for VAMPIRES. NOT Otherkin. It's focus WILL be vampires, vampire support, vampire topics, and vampire socialization.

Topics which will make non-vampires, psyvamps and others cringe, WILL be allowed to be discussed. This includes controversial topics such as the Beast, or feeding methods, for instance. Trying to shove it under the rug will not get rid of it, will not make it any less real of an issue. Shoving it under the rug WILL make it an issue that is not dealt with. And problems that are not dealt with do not come to any sort of positive resolution. The whole point of my channel is so that these issues CAN be talked about. Just being able to talk about something like that with others WHO UNDERSTAND, or go through the same problems, temptations, etc., helps heaps towards getting it, or keeping it, under control. But if one cannot talk about such decidedly "unsavory" issues, topics and dealings, then they keep it inside, having nobody they can share it with. Eventually, it will come out in unacceptable ways, since they never were allowed to discuss it in the supposed support channel, and find constructive ways of controlling and dealing with it.

In the old days, a stranger could come into the channel and would open up to the channel, in the channel, and recieve support and help from those in the channel. Now sometimes, when someone comes in, IF they share anything at all, it is often ONLY in a cautious private message to someone; they feel that they cannot discuss their issues IN THE CHANNEL. That is not right. The environment that exists in the channel needs to be good and conducive to support. THIS IS CHANGING BACK TO THE WAY IT USED TO BE. This is not to say that people cannot have fun and joke and squirrel around in there. Hell, that is half of what made the channel so great in the past. Vampires felt they could be open and be themselves and have fun and talk about what was on their minds and still be welcomed and accepted. It's a place for vampires to be vampires.

And that is the way it is going to be again. I know not everyone is going to be happy about this, and I might even end up losing the friendships of a few people who have been longtime regulars. But I'm pursuing something greater and more important than my own popularity.


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