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Tutorial for how to get mIRC installed and running is on the mIRC website


Once you get mIRC installed and running, now you need to connect to #Sanguinarius on the Dalnet network....

Step One

Go to the "Options" screen -- on your toolbar, click the icon with the hammer next to a folder:

Step Two

On the resulting popup box, click "Connect" (which should open up several options) then "Servers", as illustrated below:

Step Three

If your "IRC Network" box (The darker grey one in the above graphic) says anything other than 'DALnet" you need to select the DALnet network. Click the "IRC network box" to get the pulldown menu and scroll down until you can highlight the DALnet entry:


Once you have DALnet selected, click on it. The pulldown will go away and you'll be presented again with the options screen:

You can choose an IRC Server if you like (the darker grey box in the above graphic; this is different from the actual IRC network), or you can leave it at the default "DALnet: Random server" selection (which is usually recommended for new users).

Step Four

Click OK.

Connect to IRC. (click the lightning bolt icon)

Once you are connected, type: /join #Sanguinarius

You should be all set!

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