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The OPs

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(If you have a complaint, take it to the complaints list - with logs - not to any of the ops)


It is expected that EVERYONE has read these rules!
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, and no excuses will be tolerated. "Rules Lawyering" - skirting the edge of the rules by saying "well, it's not mentioned in the rules" will not be tolerated either.

Why aren't there more people here / more chatting?
This is a *support* channel, not a popularity contest. IRC is accessible to the widest range of computer systems, both new AND old. Just because someone is in the channel doesn't mean they're paying rapt attention to the screen. The more computer nerdy ones in the crowd are usually multitasking, and others will walk away to take care of bodily functions, run to the kitchen, take a nap, etc, and don't always change their nick to reflect their status. If you want to be sure you get an answer, wait more than 30 seconds - oftimes it takes several minutes or even longer, depending on the time of day or night.

The most popular time is in the USA evening, presumably that's when there's more people out of work/school and able to be online.

Real vampire / vampire support topics take PRIORITY over general chit-chat
If a realvamp topic comes up and you still want to chit-chat, take it to private /msg or a different channel. Don't let general chit-chat drown out support requests.

Please note that generic chat-chat is otherwise quite welcome - only that support topics take priority. Also note that many of the OPs are geeks and/or have a strange sense of humor - don't take your frustrations at not understanding a joke out on people in the channel, simply ask for clarification. If you don't like the contents of the link you just clicked, then perhaps you should read the link first rather than blindly clicking.


Age / Maturity
We require all users of #sanguinarius to be 16 years of age or older. We've found over the years that those younger than 16 - especially much younger - have a much harder time determining whether someone is just "leading them on" - or worse - so this rule has been insitituted for the safety of the channel at large.

A/S/L type requests are discouraged
Due to the nature of the subject matter usually involved, requests for personally identifying information are extremely discouraged. People persisting in harassing people with A/S/L type requests after they have been asked to stop will be booted on the basis that they are obviously just there to find ways to get laid. :P

Channel behavior
Don't bring your vampire roleplaying activities here - there's plenty of other channels to do that in, this is not one of them. Don't act like an idiot, troll, griefer, twink, troublemaker, etc. A visitor should not feel that they are not welcome for asking things about things they don't know. And above all, don't cause trouble in other channels while in this one. Adults should be able to act like adults - if you can't act in a mature, reasonably adult manner, then you will be suspected of being underage and tossed out.

Channel Language - Official
The official language of the channel is english. There is no auto-translator tool available for IRC, so if you speak very little english, you'll need to at least let us know what languages you do speak so we can attempt to find a web translator to use.

Courtesy and Decency
Treat others with courtesy and decency. No matter how much you may disbelieve someone, it does not give you reason to abuse them or otherwise be nasty to them. (For those with a Christian background, this is the "hate the sin, not the sinner" concept in actual practice) This applies to both sides of the fence! If in doubt, ask first - if they're using roleplaying or movie/book terms to refer to reality it may simply be because they have no other frame of reference - not everyone's search skills can weed out the fluff when they're just starting out. Be courteous about other's worldviews, even if you don't understand or agree with them.

No Cybering / cybersex / cyber-making-out / sexual roleplay / etc
This is a vampire support channel, not a pr0n channel - either take it to PM or take it to another channel. There are people who are under 18, as well as people logging in from work or public places where that behavior can get them in dire trouble. This WILL get you kicked, even if you're pretending to be animal-like, so be warned!

Drug (illegal) Chat
While we understand that you don't mind sharing details of your latest fun with drugs, we ask that you consider that perhaps bragging about them in an open-to-all channel format is perhaps not the safest thing to do - either for you OR the channel and it's staff, due to the legalities involved. Therefore, we request that such conversations be kept to a minimum, or take it to PM (or another channel) with people who are interested.

Internet Shortcuts
In the interest of being able to communicate AND be understood by everyone you're talking to - including people from outside of the USA - "txt speak" or "internet shortcuts" are not allowed. It's hard enough for people who don't speak english natively to make sense out of american slang without having to figure out if something is even spelled correctly.

Whether you get kicked for using interent shortcuts will depend on how obnoxious you are about using them. Generally you will be asked first, but if you persist, you will be kicked out.

Link Descriptions
We don't mind if you share the latest cool thing that you found, however it MUST MUST MUST have a description - and can't be anything over rated R level - we don't want to see nudity or pr0n. A notation of "not safe for work" is advisable for anything with questionable language or content, but the not-over-R-rated rule still applies. No, we don't want to see you nekkid or pictures of anyone's naughty bits (whether yours or not). Plenty of other places to post that, this ain't one of 'em.

Newbie alert
If you're new to the world of real vampires, READ THE FAQ'S FIRST - most of the newbie questions will be answered in one or more of them, if not on the page, then through the ones linked at the bottom of that page. If you ask questions known to be covered by the FAQ's, don't be surprised if you just get responses along the lines of "Read the FAQ pages".

No religion / No politics
Both religion and politics are prone to causing flamewars between people who disagree. Because we at #sanguinarius prefer to keep things a drama FREE environment, AND because people in the channel follow MANY different faith paths, and have differing political beliefs, these topics are therefore not allowed. If you wish to discuss religion and/or politics with someone, do so in PRIVATE, or in a channel specially set up for discussions of that nature. Not in #sanguinarius.

Obeying the OPs
This should be simple and self-explanatory. :) OPs are the channel managers for a reason - in the workplace, you woudln't try and tell your boss how to do his or her job (at least, not if you expected to keep YOURS), so don't do that with the ops here, either. If you don't like the rules, there are plenty of other channels in IRC to visit besides this one.

OPs Begging
No begging/asking/pleading for OPs. No playing "op vs op", "that op sucks because...", "you need more ops because..." or other mind games. It's not appreciated, and you will not be held in high regard afterwards.


Acting like an idiot / troll / troublemaker / twink / drama queen / attention whore / etc. Repeatedly referring to the same stuff over and over again, or saying "nobody will understand" - while making vague references to a "mysterious topic" for the umpteenth time - is one example of being a drama queen or attention whore.

Dragging people in from other channels just to harass people in #sanguinarius.

Acting like you're under 16 years of age. This channel has been around since 1998, we HAVE seen a lot of underagers over the years, so we are familiar with the pattern...

If you're annoying the channel at large, regardless of what you are doing, you will be removed for the sanity of the channel. Period, end of discussion.

Stalking channel users or staff.

Being nasty to the OPs or founder - the ops are all trusted staff members. They know how to set bans, and have a brain. Harassing them is inexusable. Harassing the founder is even worse.

Drowning out vamp support or realvamp topics with general chit-chat after being asked to stop or take it to another channel or window. The object is to make people needing help to feel welcome and feel that they can ask the questions that they need to.

Persistently breaking the rules or finding ways to work around the rules (a/k/a being a "rules lawyer").

Being an online predator or sociopath. You *will* be found out. You *will* be perm-banned. :P


Now that you've read the rules, you can chat now :)


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