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The OPs

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Another thing I am going to address is the temp OPs. Temp OPs are there to be opped in the event that there ARE no other OPs available or active. While someone is a temp-OP, it does give us an opportunity to see how they operate as an op, but this is no guarantee that they will someday become an OP; although those who do well naturally have more of an opportunity than those who don't. They are additional helpers. If an AOP or an SOP comes into the channel, the temp_OP should not be made to deop. I view that as rude and ungrateful towards the temp-OPs. Also, the SOPs should work on training the AOPs and the temp-OPs on how to do things as an OP: rules, procedures, and (if available) bot functions, etc.

If a temp op shows that they are unable - or unwilling - to perform the technical duties required of an op (setting bans, holding people to the rules, etc.), then they will NOT be considered for full ops status. Period.


Temp Ops: Send your ban logs via post to the Temp Ops Channel Affairs group.
Please do include logs, not just a summary. Thank you!
Last revised by Ravena on 22 Sept 2004.

Purpose of Temp Ops
The purpose of a Temp Op is to help out in the channel when there is a shortage of regular Ops. Temp Ops are accountable for all of the things a regular Op is accountable for in terms of enforcing the rules and supporting the founder.

The Rules
Temp Ops should be familiar with #Sanguinarius rules. Temps are expected to follow the rules in the channel whether or not they are temp op'd and be willing to enforce the rules when they are temp op'd. It is important that the rules be enforced with everyone, including friends.

Chain of Command
Make note of the chain of command which is Founder, SOps, AOps, Temp Ops, and channel users. Grumbling in the open channel about an Op decision is not acceptable and your temp op status will be removed on a permanent basis. This applies whether you are temp op'ing or not at the time of the incident. If you have a problem with something, handle it in pm and involve any Ops as necessary and feel free to request a meeting in #Sang-Ops which is the Ops' admin channel.

Op-ing Others
Refrain from op'ing others in the channel, even if the channel will be Op-less upon you leaving. It is important that you ask an AOp or above to get permission to op someone -- otherwise, don't do it. There is a Temp Op list and you can op anyone on that list without seeking permission.

It is very important that Temp Ops log the channel for the purposes of keeping a record of events. When someone is banned and/or kicked the log serves as backup as to the reason. If you do not know how to log refer to your IRC client's help section or ask a member of the OPs team.

Anything you see in the capacity of being a Temp Op, including but not limited to, comments made in /onotice or discussions in #sang-ops or the Temp Ops group, are to be kept strictly confidential. If you are found to be sharing this information your Temp Op status will be permanently removed and you could face a permanent ban from the channel.

The Founder Sets the Rules
Please do not be concerned with popularity and recognize that when you op in any capacity you make decisions that may not always be popular. Your concern is with upholding the channel rules in accordance with the founder's preference. Those who do not like the rules are free to visit another channel or start their own. It is within the right of the founder, Sanguinarius, to set the rules for her channel.

Be aware that you are only useful when you are at the keyboard and paying attention. If you are not able to pay attention to the channel or must be away from the keyboard for an extended period of time, please de-op yourself or mark yourself away or afk in your nick. Idle ops may be de-op'd and if it happens frequently you might not be op'd again. If you are going away from keyboard for a short time please mark your nick with brb or something. A reasonable short time is generally no more than 30 minutes.

[Some variety of nick change to mark your status -- such as " *-phone ", " *- dinner", " *-errands ", etc. - is appreciated. ~Sphynx]

Your Time is Appreciated
The time you spend temp op-ing is appreciated by Sangi, the SOps, and AOps. Op-ing is not always the easiest role and your willingness to help out in the channel does not go unnoticed. For some Temp Ops it may lead to being an AOp. If you conduct yourself well at all times, even when you are not op'd -- you are setting a good example for everyone else.

If you have any questions at all about anything regarding your Temp Op role please ask a member of the Ops team. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we all had to start at the beginning so don't worry about any question sounding dumb. If you need feedback about what to do about something in the channel, again, turn to the Ops team member for help.

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