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The OPs

Meet the Ops / Temp Op Guidelines
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CURRENT OPs LISTS - LIST DATE:   29 December, 2008
This is not a clone of the ChanServ lists -- some ops, for instance, have more than one hostmask for multiple access points -- This is just a nick list of all people in their proper categories. This listings goes by OP rank, then alphabetical order by first letter. Names with links point to their website.


  • All OPs are to function as channel managers and act as an extension of the Founder (Sanguinarius).
  • The highest level of authority in the channel is determined by the highest ranking OP present in the channel at any particular time.  Please respect these levels of authority.
  • The order of rank is thus
    • Founder outranks SOPs, AOPs, and channel OPs.
      • Founder has read/write access to the SOP, AOP, and AKICK lists.
      • Founder can de-op anyone else.
      • Founder can kick-ban anyone (It IS the founder's channel...)
    • SOPs outrank AOPs and channel OPs.
      • SOPs have read-only access to the SOP list.
      • SOPs have read/write access to the AOP and AKICK lists.
      • SOPs can de-op both AOPs and Temp OPs.
      • SOPs can kick-ban anyone
    • AOPs outrank Temp OPs.
      • AOPs have read-only access to the SOP, AOP, and AKICK lists.
      • AOPs can de-op only Temp OPs.
      • AOPs can kick-ban anyone
    • TEMP OPS outrank only the non-OPs in the channel.
      • TEMP OPS have NO access at all to the SOP, AOP or AKICK lists
      • TEMP OPS cannot de-op anyone.
      • TEMP OPS can kick-ban anyone
      • Temp OPs are the kind of ops that only "stick" while you're in channel. If you leave and come back, someone has to give you TempOPs again in order for you to continue having Temp OPs.


Temp op guidelines are located here.

If a temp op shows that they are unable - or unwilling - to perform the technical duties required of an op (setting bans, holding people to the rules, etc.), then they will NOT be considered for full ops status. Period.


In the past, I chose OPs based on the job they did. That is to say, someone who was in the channel a lot, who was mature and levelheaded, etc., and who was also willing to kick or ban someone if it was necessary, and who did not kick or ban someone when it was not necessary. I did not take into consideration whether they shared my views, goals, and ideals. I assumed that since they did not make trouble for me, that they must be in agreement with me and willing to act AS AN EXTENSION OF MYSELF and in support of my views. Obviously this is not so in all cases, and more clarification is needed.

It has always been clear, and I have always stressed the importance of, the OPs functioning as an extension of myself, to aid me in running #Sanguinarius. While I have been busy doing other things....offline, daily life things, and beyond that, doing various things in regards to my page, the community, etc., and even having a little bit of PERSONAL TIME to myself... While I have been away doing these things, too busy to notice and pick up on what has been going on for the while, certain OPs have had their own ideas of where THEY want to take my channel. This is not functioning as an extension of myself. This is not helpful to me. This is not helpful to me in running the channel.

If someone does not support my vision, goals, etc., for the channel, or act as an extension of myself in my absence, then, quite frankly, they are of no use to me as an OP. This is NOT a popularity contest or a sign of acceptance or rejection. If you can't accept that, I am sorry. You will just have to deal with it. If you do want to be helpful and contribute to the community, there are other ways that you CAN do this, other than by being an OP in my channel.


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