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#Sanguinarius has an age restriction. See the rules for details.

mIRC is an excellent and easy to master program used to communicate on IRC networks.

Step One: Download

1) Download mIRC
2) When the download window asks you were you want it, have it save it to a drive location you'll find later.

Step Two: Install

    1) Install mIRC on your hard drive, preferrably in its own directory.
    2) Run mirc.exe

Step Three: Getting Online With mIRC (updated for mIRC 6.x)

     0) First, read the channel rules!
     1) Go under TOOLS --> OPTIONS for the mIRC setup screen
     2) Click on SERVERS at the top under connections
     3) Scroll down to DALNET folder and click on it
     4) Choose RANDOM SERVER and click the SELECT button
     5) That will take you back to the top level CONNECT section; this is normal
     6) Enter name/alias & email, and primary/alternate IRC nicks you want to use
     7) Click the CONNECT button
     8) You will see a bunch of messages in the status window, and a message-of-the-day popup
     9) Read the message of the day!
    10) type /join #Sanguinarius in the text field at the bottom of the status window

    A window will appear, titled #Sanguinarius, and will also display the channel topic. Read this topic and the channel rulesso you know what to expect. You're now there! Start chatting!

Step Four: Help! I'm still confused!

If you are still having trouble connecting to #Sanguinarius once mIRC is installed, try the visual mIRC tutorial for setting up the DALnet connection.


Windows: XChat

Linux: XChat

Macintosh: XChat Aqua or Colloquy


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